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Many a people have been asking us for a « Püns story », so here it is.

We will thus show you the creation process of this doll.

At the beginning of Püns, there is Taupe. Taupe was a 13cm doll started in February 2007, with this special body that totally inspired Püns’ afterwards (large hips, belly and thighs).

Link to Esthy’s Flickr gallery for the other pictures, took in december 2007.

Taupe never could be finished because of its height. At this time our airdry clay was too fragile to sculpt very thin parts, such as her arms.

The project was thus suspended for more than two years (from the end of 2007 to the beginning of 2010).

Meanwhile, we created Tank. This doll gave us back self-confidence, as well as the desire to keep on developing projects that were not ordinary.

Thus we started to work again on the Taupe project, to make of her a 25cm doll.

Highly inspired with Taupe’s body, Püns’ shapes appeared naturally, as an extension of the initial project.

The same pattern happened with her head. It is greatly inspired with Taupe’s (big ears, round face, pouty mouth, slightly falling little eyes), with the expression of our own styles evolution.

As soon as we started the project, faceplates and parts were planned, such as a large bust part.

Then, the prototype :

And eventually the first resin cast, followed by those for the LDoll (the first french convention dedicated to BJDs)

We hope those Püns will be the first of a long serie. We thank you for all the positive comments they already got !

Hoping those elements answered to all your questions ♥

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