Dust of Dolls against Leeke’s Art Body

Dust of Dolls hasn’t any relation with Leeke and the ArtBody.

We never sign a contract with Leeke, and we aren’t touching any kind of money from the sales of this body.

You will find at the bottom of this page the mails with had with Leeke’s manager, during the days before the first sale of their ArtBody.

And, we keep on telling our minds : this body is a copy of the Püns’ Body, wich Leeke’s Manager saw some monthes before at the LDoll Festival in Lyon (France).
We do not claim that we invented pear-shapped bodies, but we are denouncing the too much similarities between those two bodies, wich for us couldn’t be a sad accident, while we know that the ArtBody’s sculptors had Püns’ pictures on their work desk as references.

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