Who are we?

Dust of Dolls is a small ball jointed dolls company composed of two persons : Nyo and Lyly Pie. We always aim to a better quality in our work, and we hope our dolls will please you!


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About our Dolls

Our dolls are being molded in a factory, and sold with a pre-order system. We always do only one pre-order for a mold in one color. Pre-orders are always announced on this blog, and dolls are sold :
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♥ Last call for Kröt Ïlus and Helö preorder ♥

☆ Traduction française en deuxième partie de post ☆   The preorder...

23rd Nov

♡ Krot Ïlus and Helö new pictures ♡

Hi everyone! The sunny and relaxed atmosphere of the Kröt Ïlus and Helö preorder is...

15th Nov

Krot Helö and Ïlus preorder ♥ 27/10/16 – 24/11/16 ♥

☆ Traduction française en deuxième partie de post ☆   We are so...

18th Oct


Hello everyone! Today, we are delighted to announce that we have received...

22nd Juin

PayPal option closure

Hello everyone, After having faced numerous problems with PayPal during each of...

14th Juin

Ldoll announcement

Hello everyone,   Some of you have sent us questions about whether...

16th Mai

Clothes for Doom Bomi

☆ Traduction française en deuxième partie de post ☆ Dust of Dolls has...

23rd Mar

Doom Bomi preorder ☆ 24/02/16 – 24/03/16 ☆

☆ Traduction française en deuxième partie de post ☆   We are very...

20th Fév

Happy New Year with Doom Bomi

☆ Traduction française en deuxième partie de post ☆ ☆ Happy New Year everyone!☆...

12th Jan

Doll Rendez-Vous in Paris fullsets

Comme promis, vous allez tous pouvoir jeter un oeil aux fullsets qui...

06th Déc

Doll Rendez-Vous in Paris PREVIEW

Nous avons reçu de nombreuses questions concernant les dolls que nous allions...

01st Déc

Zouh Spün incoming

☆ Traduction française en deuxième partie de post ☆ Hello everyone! We are...

26th Nov