Who are we?

Dust of Dolls is a small ball jointed dolls company composed of two persons : Nyo and Lyly Pie. We always aim to a better quality in our work, and we hope our dolls will please you!


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About our Dolls

Our dolls are being molded in a factory, and sold with a pre-order system. We always do only one pre-order for a mold in one color. Pre-orders are always announced on this blog, and dolls are sold :
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LDoll Preview – Krot Ärie !

You were so many to send us sweet comments and mails about...

31st Août

Krot Këte size – more pictures!

First of all, we wanted to thank you for the warm welcome...

30th Août

LDoll Preview – Krot Këte

Last year, we had our tinies Krot Ülhu and Krot Ptäh on...

29th Août

LDoll Preview – 3 Appi Faceplates

As we were promising, here are the first news of this year!...

27th Août

LDoll Preview : First pics of Lyön

Hello! We are back from a few days of hard work holidays!...

17th Août

Cards & Mugs

We received today our brand new dust of dolls’ business cards which...

23rd Juil

A brand new blog!

Hi everybody! Here is Dust of Dolls’ brand new blog. As we’re...

21st Juil