Who are we?

Dust of Dolls is a small ball jointed dolls company composed of two persons : Nyo and Lyly Pie. We always aim to a better quality in our work, and we hope our dolls will please you!


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About our Dolls

Our dolls are being molded in a factory, and sold with a pre-order system. We always do only one pre-order for a mold in one color. Pre-orders are always announced on this blog, and dolls are sold :
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Sweet News about our Appi line and Den Of Angels

    Today we received a very kind message from Den of...

12th Déc

Opening of preorders

Hi everyone!! After a long battle against winds and blasts, we finally...

23rd Nov

Website Troubles

After some exhausting monthes preparing the LDoll festival we took some days...

27th Oct

Our Booth at the LDoll Festival

The first day of the LDoll Festival is over, we are really...

06th Oct

Lünn and Khöl’s faceups by Viridian House

We received this morning our sample faceplates of Lünn and Khöl, faceuped...

29th Sep

Ldoll Preview – Appi

We finished to sand all the Appi, so here are some (bad...

27th Sep

LDoll Preview – Krot Ärie !

You were so many to send us sweet comments and mails about...

31st Août

Krot Këte size – more pictures!

First of all, we wanted to thank you for the warm welcome...

30th Août

LDoll Preview – Krot Këte

Last year, we had our tinies Krot Ülhu and Krot Ptäh on...

29th Août

LDoll Preview – 3 Appi Faceplates

As we were promising, here are the first news of this year!...

27th Août

LDoll Preview : First pics of Lyön

Hello! We are back from a few days of hard work holidays!...

17th Août

Cards & Mugs

We received today our brand new dust of dolls’ business cards which...

23rd Juil