Krot Këte size – more pictures!

On 30 août 2012 by dust of dolls

First of all, we wanted to thank you for the warm welcome our little Këte received! We are really delighted to see that you already like her that much!

Several persons wanted to know more about Këte’s size. Thus we decided to make some aditionnal pictures of her in our friend Azuria’s beautiful hands, so that you can get an idea of how tiny she looks like in one’s hand!!




2 Responses to “Krot Këte size – more pictures!”

  • Is there any chance this precious little one will be available besides at Ldoll? Although I would be willing to travel to France (it looks like a wonderful show), I can’t take the time off school. ;_;

    I am already looking so forward to the Appi pre-order, and now I am longing for this girl too.

    Please continue making such fantastic dolls! I love their cute little faces, adorable bodies and sweet little mouse ears!!!! <3

  • Oh! I want to buy your one doll Krot.
    Maybe you have one for me (I want to open eyes and pink or green hair)? I am ready to pay immediately and look forward to my Krot home!
    Thank you! With hope!

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