LDoll Preview – 3 Appi Faceplates

On 27 août 2012 by dust of dolls

As we were promising, here are the first news of this year!

As usually, we worked on new dolls for the LDoll festival, and we can already show you the 3 new Appi faceplates! They will be on the same body than Lünn and Khöl but with new hands. We wanted to say that there won’t be any Püns, Lünn or Khöl for sale on our booth this year. I know that a lot of people are waiting for them but we really wanted to come with new things!


We are glad to introduce Rätt the human one, Nüpp the elf one and Meël the fauna one :


First is Rätt, with her human ears, her adorable round face with half-closed eyes. She wears 6mm eyes and has got small teeth!!


Then comes Nüpp with her elf ears, her tiny pointed nose and this scampy smile of her! She wears 8mm eyes.


And the third is Meël with her fauna ears, she’s a happy and smiling big sister of Püns, and she wears 8mm eyes too.


We will soon post more photos of the three of them! We hope you’ll like them!!

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