LDoll Preview – Krot Këte

On 29 août 2012 by dust of dolls

Last year, we had our tinies Krot Ülhu and Krot Ptäh on our booth at the LDoll. But we were really sad because we had not had the time to finish a completely articulated version of their cute and chubby body. So this year it was really important for us to finish Këte and her soon-to-be-announced sister. So yes, this is Krot body but articulated so the doll is almost the same size : she’s 10cm tall.

As you can see she stands very well, even with a very light stringing (so as to preserve the prototype from any scratch).
She makes us smile because she can take very dramatic poses!!

In her design, Këte is a little sister or a baby Püns. We decided to keep and use those particular rodent’s ears that Püns had, and to make several heads with this adorable « fauna look » those big and round ears can give.

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