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On 12 octobre 2014 by dust of dolls

Hi everyone!

It is hard to resist the urge to reveal the creations that will be on our booth. So here are the names of the DD dolls that will be available at the Ldoll festival!

For the Doom girls, we will give the exclusive opportunity to get 1 Lill in bleu gris, and 1 Bomi in vieux rose, both artist cast custom by Dust of Dolls! They will come with splendid creations made by Lysel K. Creations.

For the Appi lovers, you will find Meël in limited edition: 10 Meël in bleu menthe custom by Dust of Dolls will be there. They will come with accessories created by Artemisia.

Finally, for the Krot addicts, you will be happy! We will have 10 Krot in bleu ciel, each with both Ärie and Këte faceplates custom by Viridian House. They will also come with accessories created by Artemisia.

Also, you will be able to find 7 Meël blank in normal skin, 3 Meël blank in white skin, 7 Ärie blank in normal skin and 7 Këte blank in normal skin.

We hope you like the pictures, and rendez-vous at the Ldoll festival!




Bonjour à tous !

Difficile de résister à l’envie de vous dévoiler les créations qui seront présentes sur le stand Dust of Dolls. Voici donc, en avant première, la liste des poupées qui seront disponibles au Ldoll !

Chez les Doom, nous proposerons en exclusivité une Lill bleu gris, et une Bomi vieux rose, toutes les deux en tirages maison et customisées par Dust of Dolls ! Elles viendront avec de splendides créations par Lysel K. Creations.

Pour les Appi, vous pourrez retrouver des Meël limitées: 10 Meël bleu menthe customisées par Dust of Dolls. Elles viendront avec des accessoires créés par Artemisia.

Nous aurons aussi des Krot limitées! Nous aurons sur le stand 10 Krot bleu ciel, chacune avec les deux faceplates Ärie et Këte makeupées par Viridian House et des accessoires créés par Artemisia !

Vous pourrez aussi retrouver 7 Meël normal skin blank, 3 Meël white skin blank, 7 Ärie normal skin blank et 7 Këte normal skin blank.

Nous espérons que vous aimerez ces photos, rendez-vous au Ldoll !














12 Responses to “LDoll stock”

  • Hello, would it be alright to ask for the prices on some of these dolls? I’m attending Ldoll and I’d like to make sure I bring enough money!

    • Hello there!

      We are very pleased with your enthusiasm, thank you ^^

      About your question, prices have not been set yet, but as a matter of fact, limited editions will be more expensive than when the dolls were on preorders ^^

      Also, we will accept paypal payments throughout the week end thanks to a ticket reservation system. We will also take layaways.

      We hope that will make your mind lighter for the Ldoll! ^^

      • Okay, thanks for the information! I’d just like to know if you plan on limiting the amount of dolls one customer can purchase? I know something like someone wanting to buy all 10 Meel/Krot at once would be unreasonable, but I mean if someone wanted to purchase 1 Meel and 1 Krot, if that would be a no no?

        • We are very sorry for the late answer, we hope you managed to get the doll you wanted.
          Just so you know, we allowed people to take only one limited doll of each type ^^
          Thank you!

  • Hi!

    Sorry to bother you with this question!
    I am excited for the Doom girls but there is only 2? I remember seeing 2 Beige skin girls in your earlier post, are they not for sale?


    • Hello there!
      The normal skin Doom Lill and Bomi are our own, so they were not for sale^^ There were only the ones presented in our post for Ldoll stock.
      Thank you!

  • Oh waaaah j’adore!
    J’hésite à craquer pour une puce, ça dépendra du prix. Vous dites accepter les layaway et payement via paypal? Comment cela fonctionnera t’il?

    Je viendrais vous rendre visite avec ma petite Krot <3 ^_^

    • Désolées pour la réponse tardive ! Nous espérons que tu as pu obtenir la doll que tu souhaitais !
      Merci beaucoup ^^

  • Will you be holding a preorder soon for Lill and Bomi…or did I miss it? If so…will blue be an option in the resin colors?


    • Hello Carol,
      All the information regarding future sales and preorders will be announced through our newsletter, and blog updates. You can subscribe if you don’t want to miss any information! ^^
      Thank you for your interest!

  • I am sorry to ask since I know you did not have the answer a few days ago – but knowing the prices on these would really really help! Even just a price range!

    Unfortunately I do not recall what the prices on Appi and Krot were previously so I have no way of figuring out what is more than that!

    Just a general idea of price would great if possible! Thank you!

    • Hello!
      Thanks to our ticket system, you should have been able to gather the money needed after putting the doll on hold for you. We hope you managed to get the doll you wanted!
      Thank you for your interest ^^

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