LDoll Preview : First pics of Lyön

On 17 août 2012 by dust of dolls

Hello! We are back from a few days of hard work holidays!
We have a lot of new things to show you, but we still have some mods to do on them. Yet we finished the cast of Lyön, which will be available this year at the Ldoll festival!

For 2012, Lyön has the new version of the Appi Body.
Lyön is an unique mold we made to be sold exclusively at the Ldoll festival, one per year.
All the funds will be given as a support, to the Ldoll association.

We cannot wait to show you the other new molds!! *surprise surprise!!*

Here are some pics of the blank Lyön, she is white paper skin, and will have a white mohair wig (not the one on the pictures), a tail… White Lyön!!

See you soon everyone ~_o

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