Sweet News about our Appi line and Den Of Angels

On 12 décembre 2012 by dust of dolls



Today we received a very kind message from Den of Angels! Indeed this great and hudge forum decided to accept our Appi line on their On-Topic dolls!! Lünn and Khöl are thereby allowed in the gallery and market sections.

We will link here if a discussion thread about them is openned, and you will all be welcomed to share your thought about our dolls on it ♥


We also realized that already 19 days passed since the openning of the pre-orders, and that there is only 12 days before the closure of them! Here come the very touched thanks we have to say to all the people who ordered our dolls already, you are the people who made us happy to live all of this sparkly adventure!! ♥

One Response to “Sweet News about our Appi line and Den Of Angels”

  • Oh, I am so glad! I thought it was rather silly for them to have been previously listes as off-topic, and am glad this has been reversed.
    I know it doesn’t matter, as it is a pre-order, but I waited anxiously for the pre-order to open and ordered as fast as I could! I could not decide between normal and white skin, so I just had to get one of each (I also love both Lünn and Khöl so it also gave me an excuse to get both).
    I hope the pre-order goes smoothly and that soon we will be seeing pre-orders for the Krot Këte girls as well.

    You have such fantastic dolls and I am SO glad you are making them available to the world! <3

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